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Arab-American producer & reporter with a mission to dig deep in interviews, share authentically, shed light on the issues that matter, and provoke deep thought. 

I graduated from UCLA with a degree in Communication Studies and entered the world of media and entertainment shortly thereafter at The Young Turks Network's pop culture and social commentary show "Pop Trigger," a show which seamlessly integrated pop culture with social issues. It was here that I found my passion for hosting and reporting going on to interview major celebrities including attorney Gloria Allred, actor Terry Crews, and academy award winner Gary Oldman to name a few.

Journalism is my passion since it marries the love I have for truth telling to my affinity for writing. 

I'm a film critic, too. 

I am effervescent and sweet on the surface, but once you get to know me I have a dark sense of humor and a mischievous core. This always takes people by surprise, especially on the red carpet. I crack talent, and I mean this in the best way possible (not in the let-me-interrogate-you-in-a-dark-room- type of way). I either get someone stoic to giggle with excitement, or I get those in a rush to pause and reflect upon their responses.


I enjoy playful banter, but my end goal is to ask questions that matter and to dig deep. The world needs authenticity and connection now more than ever before. My goal is to share my love of cinema and television with fellow fans and to entertain and enlighten audiences about the significant and beautiful themes that cinema and television allow us to explore.

I write and produce:

The following videos range from in depth analysis of the academy award winning "Joker" to light hearted pop culture news related to the famous Kardashian family. I wrote and produced these videos for Popcorn Talk Network and AfterBuzz TV Network. 

Television Appearances

The following photos showcase my time on TMZ, "The Doctors", and Pop Fuzion TV, respectively.


My very first job in the entertainment industry involved me working as a tour guide for the TMZ Celebrity Tour. As a tour guide I would host back-to-back 2 hour tours detailing iconic Hollywood sites and celebrity hotspots. I would interview celebrities that we would run in to and invite them to interact with our enthusiastic passengers. The next morning I would pitch the story of my run-ins to Harvey Levin, the founder of TMZ, in the newsroom on the TV show. 

"The Doctors" producers handpicked me to be the bachelorette on a recurring segment known as the "Refriger-dater." This involved me blindly selecting a man to go on a date with based on the contents of his fridge. 

I currently host for Pop Fuzion TV, a digital media network created to inspire, educate, and entertain millennials. The show airs on 4 cable networks-Verizon Fios, Comcast, Cox, and Spectrum. 

Brand Collaborations

The following photos highlight my work with various brands. (From Left to Right: Sev Laser & Refinery 29, Draper James & KTLA 5, Anthropologie & KTLA 5, Deity Microphones & Aputure, Modcloth & KTLA 5, Talbots & KTLA 5.) 


The producers at Refinery 29 selected me to be the face of their laser hair removal collaboration with Sev Laser. I spoke authentically about the struggles of being a Middle Eastern woman and explained my hair removal journey. The video garnered over 1 million views in the first day across platforms! 

Stylist Kristina Zias included me in multiple fashion segments on the KTLA 5 morning news. I confidently modeled outfits by Draper James, Anthroplogie, Modcloth, and Talbots. 

I appeared in a digital commercial promoting Deity Microphones' S- Mic 2.


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